Not quite old enough to be his mother - but close enough to want to just cuddle him! Any others out there? So...dedicated to Benedict Cumberbatch plus Dr Who, Avengers, Tom Hiddleston - usual stuff. Also Kenneth Branagh, Rupert Graves (not old enough to want to mother them - yum, yum!)



Scott & Bailey (2011).

Do you have something interesting in your pocket, sir? :)

It’s not going to get much better than that so sweet dreams! xxx

Do you think Benedict was too scared to nominate Martin?

I think I might have been :O

C’mon you gorgeous man - time to get those tats out (and soaked) for charity xxx 


Friends- “What are you doing tonight?”

Me- “Just staying in and watching the Benedict Cumberbatch Ice bucket challenge.”

Friends- …..

Me- “Problem?”

@ELLEUK: AND the award for the most epic ice bucket challenge goes to…Benedict Cumberbatch!


let’s play “how many different gifs of ben c’s ice bucket challenge can i reblog in a day?”